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XYZ Calibration Cube [Digital File]


  • XYZ Calibration Cube.STL File.
  • Total Print Volume: 7810 mm³
  • Single file for easy 3D printing
  • Best for calibrating temperature and overhangs.

License – TheMechNinja Free Digital File License

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XYZ Cube .STL File for Calibration – Free

The total printing volume of the file is 7810 mm³.

The calibration of a new 3d printer is the basic as well as an essential part. There are many types of 3D printer calibration that you have to keep in mind before starting the actual prints.


One of the most important calibration techniques is XYZ Cube.

It is required to check whether your printer is printing according to the input. Each edge of a cube is 20mm and after printing measure the dimensions if they are 20mm then your calibration is printers correct.

For more details see the blog above.

Details of XYZ Calibration Cube.STL


Height: 20.00 mm

Width: 20.00 mm

Depth: 20.00 mm

Print Volume – 7810 mm³

You can easily 3d print this file on a homemade 3D printer. If you want to build one visit the link below.



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