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Wifi Car App [Digital File]


  • Single APK file for simple installation.
  • Wi-Fi Car code and STL file link is given in the description.
  • Simple and smooth connection process.
  • Multidirectional movements
  • Extra keys for more up-gradation of car.

License – TheMechNinja Free Digital File License

Arduino Wi-Fi Car Mobile App (APK)

This WiFi Car App is essential for running your Arduino WiFi Car. (Car STL File and code link given at the end of the description)

This ZIP file contains a single .APK file of approx 3.0 MB in size.

Steps to Connect Mobile App to WiFi Car

  1. Install APK file on your mobile after downloading.
  2. Now while installing Car Code (Link in last) in 3D Printed Car you will see an I.P. address (Image Shown Below)
  3. Enter the same I.P. in your mobile app where “Enter IP Address Below” is written.
  4. That’s it your mobile app is now connected with your Arduino Wifi Car.
  5. You can also watch the youtube video embedded at the end of the post for more clearance of steps.
Arduino Wi-Fi Car Code IP Address 1
Arduino Wi-Fi Car Code IP Address




WiFi Car Mobile App

Now you can control your car with this app wirelessly. You can move your car forward-backward, left-right, and sideways.

Controls given on the left downside are your movement controls, and controls on your right downward side are for your upgrades like a turret, grappler, etc.

You can download the Wi-Fi car code and Wi-Fi car STL files from below if you haven’t downloaded them yet.




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